Saturday, March 31, 2012

Each story has its beginning. Or not...

To Do lists are amazing creatures! No matter how many items you manage to cross out twice as many take their place! I'm witnessing this process for quite a few weeks now and it doesn't stop surprising me. Every time I am about to close one point I discover two others I haven't thought about before, even though I was sure the list is full and complete. Well, they say we never stop learning...

Only 3 months left now! There is still so much to do, that I don't even want to think about it! But a lot has already been done. I can't remember when I read a non-traveling book for the last time. Our life seems to be all about gathering information, planning the route, learning funny languages and vaccinating against everything we could think of. And just wait till you all see an update from Karossi! It's as close to a five star hotel as it can get. It will make a perfect home!

My favourite part of every travel book is the beginning. I always want to know what makes normal people leave everything behind and hit the road without much of a plan. I would love to tell you how it started for us. The only problem is, I don't really know. It seems the idea was always there. First as two dreams, than as a common plan. As far as I remember we first talked about it shortly after we met, in Monia's apartment in Krakow and we carry this idea with us through different flats and cities for nearly 5 years now. We also learnt that there is always a reason to postpone it. New position, new company, new flat, new city... And you can always save more money, prepare a bit better, get some more work experience before you quit... The list is long. But this year we decided to put it aside. It's now or never!

91 days to go!


  1. There's ALWAYS a reason NOT to do something...but then you never do ANYTHING:)hope you'll be ready in 3 months!

    1. We don't have much of a choice. We simply have to be ready by then :)