Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moscow rocks !!!

We left Tver early in the morning as we wanted to have enough time to enjoy in Moscow. As you could expect in a city with over 10 millions people the traffic was huge, but still quite well organized. And this time we were better prepared! We choose accommodation and a sightseeing route. We decided to stay in the Godzillas Hostel, right in front of the police main station, so that we could park our Karossi in the safest place in town. Parking there was actually a funny experience, since the parking and no-parking signs were hanging at the same place, leaving us a bit confused. We though it would be a bit rude if not stupid to park under a no-parking sign right in front of the police station, but to be honest we were not sure what to do. As we were standing there trying to figure out which place is OK and which one isn't a policeman came by and told us we will actually have to park on another street, since all the free places are forbidden ones. He even started explaining why but it only confused us more. In the end he told us to park at the only spot we were both sure wasn't a parking spot at all, saying we can make it a parking spot for one day :)

Moscow is amazing! Once again we felt we are actually offending the city by spending so little time there. I had the feeling you could spend a month and still not experience half of the things you should. The place is enormous and very impressive, but somehow still nice and cozy. Especially the very center. The only challenge was to find a place where you could actually sit outside. So far we found it a general problem in Russia. The idea of enjoying your drink or food outside of an air-conditioned room doesn't seem to be very popular. Or at least not as popular as it is in Europe. Once, when we finally found a perfect spot we were actually told we don't have to sit in the garden as there is enough room inside :)

Fortunately we found a perfect location on Arbat and enjoyed our food while looking at the people passing by. And I can tell you there is a lot to look at. I have already felt a bit under-dressed in the Baltic States when I saw all the girls walking around Vilnius in their best clothes. But it was still nothing to compare to Moscow. It seems the city consists only of pretty, slim, long-haired women wearing evening dresses and high heels. So girls, if you are looking for an occasion to wear your favorite gown again, Moscow is the place to go! I tried to imagine myself dressed like that in the center of Karlsruhe and the idea was a bit ridiculous, but in Moscow it somehow fits. And it made the streets look even nicer.  


  1. I am really impressed with Your expedition! and I'm waiting for more Your trip-posts.
    With best regards from Katowice ;)!!!

  2. maybe it's a bit selfish but please tell me you thought of me when entering the Red Square and that you smelled chocolate on the walking bridge just outside the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour...More and more bon voyage my favourite couple:)!

  3. I was thinking about you! I really was! As promised! And on the bridge I was thinking about you even more as I was dragging David from one side to another telling him it has to smell like chocolate somewhere. But it didn't :( Maybe we were too late :(